Effectively prevents bacterial regeneration and reproduction, keeping the fabric clean and achieving antibacterial and antifungal effects.


Keeps the fabric fresh and crisp by effectively preventing odor causing bacteria from clinging to the skin and fabric.

UV Protection

Using various fibers’ characteristics, the spinning and knitting technology, along with additives, help to form a protective barrier on the fabric to effectively block ultraviolet rays.

Water Repellent

After special treatment with water-repellent agents, the surface of the fabric can make the water droplets form dewdrops and naturally roll off without the fabric getting wetted by liquid penetration.


Special supplements are used to suppress the discoloration of the fabric or yellowing under the light. It is mostly used for white or light-colored fabrics.

Eco Friendly

Using recycled raw materials, naturally colored yarns and plant extractions to reduce carbon emissions during production and achieve sustainable development.


The fabric provides excellent anti-snagging properties by using special yarns, weaving processes, or added supplements.

High Stretch

Enhanced elasticity is achieved by combining the characteristics of high knitting density and spandex which also provides great elastic restoring force.


Comfortable, skin-friendly, and drape-like fabric, with smooth modeling lines and natural stretch of fabric outline.


The reflective materials will reflect the light source, making it seem like the surface is shining. Clothing has excellent reflex optical functions in both day and night.

Abrasion Resistance

Special materials are used to make the fabric superior and more durable than other fabrics when it comes to abrasion and tear resistance which makes the product highly suitable for outdoor activities.

Air Permeability

Quickly allows the perspiration and moisture to evaporate and diffuse to the outer layers.


By utilizing the characteristics of yarn, fabric structure etc. the fabric forms a protective barrier against the cold air and retains the warmth produced by the body.


Accelerates sweat dispersion, reduces body temperature, and keeps the fabric cool and fresh for a long time.


Through the yarn structure (profiled fiber) or auxiliaries, the perspiration on the skin surface will quickly be pulled away from the skin and drawn to the exterior of the fabric, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.


With the help of special yarns, weaving process, and/or auxiliaries, the fabric resist pilling over time which is created by friction against fibers.


By increasing the density of the fabric or coating / laminating, the windproof fabric could prevent air convection and heat loss.

Fire Resistance

Effectively prevent the spread of flame and protect the original performance of the fabric.

Stretch & Recovery

After being stretched by an external force, the fabric can still maintain its original state and has a good recovery.


Using Nano tech to integrate fish scale collagen into textile fiber, making the products highly skin and ecofriendly.


Applied decontamination agent forms a protective barrier that helps the fabric resist stains. This gives the chance for the dirt or grim to be easily removed before the stain becomes permanent.

Triple Dry

The inner layer with the hygroscopic function and the outer layer with the waterproof function makes the fabric suitable for outdoor sports fabrics.

Mechanical Wicking

Due to the inner layer of the fabric having a lower density and the outer layer, the moisture absorbed by the inner layer can easily diffuse to the fabric surface which can keep the inner layer dry and cool.


Textile fabrics can be altered or customized according to customer's requests.


Adjust the human body temperature to achieve a balance of heat and humidity which can also keep the wearer in a natural body temperature state and keep dry and comfortable.

Body Circulation Boost

Adding organometallic compound to the yarn helps with increasing blood oxygen content and reducing muscle fatigue.

Far infrared

The fabric with FIR function don’t feel very warm to the touch but will warm your body from the inside out, by augmenting your own body’s production of far infrared energy. The fabric would absorb the far infrared emitted by the human body, and reflects the wavelength most needed to the human body.