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TENCEL® is one of the world’s most recognized brands for lyocell fiber.Based on the natural fiber, it is a biodegradable man-made fabric from purified wood pulp cellulose and a 100% plant fiber.
People often held TENCEL® to represent milestone for comfort, casual but also refined.It possesses the breathable comfort from the natural fiber characteristic, as well as the made-made durability and easy care feature.Its soft comfort, drape, smoothness and durable aspect are most unique for TENCEL® lyocell.Used for elegant drape design knitwear to the high flexible and comfortable knitwear
TENCEL® features
-Excellent dimensional stability, woven fabric up to 3% shrinkage and knitting with a 5% and under shrinkage.
-wrinkle resistance, softness, vertical resistance and luster of the silk.
-Peach-Skin effects (fibrosis effect)
-A100 has the effect of non-micro fiber, and has an easy-to-dye process