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The Swiss company Schoeller invented the technology of 3XDRY.This treatment combines 2 technologies into one textile: On the outside the textile is finished with a water-repellent function, whereas on the fabrics inside it absorbs perspiration. The treatment does not affect the appearance, hand or the air permeability features of the fabric.
3XDRY® ensures a feel good effect in all activities. It minimizes perspiration marks, stimulates a cooling effect, and repels water and stains. It is quick dry, making it useful for sportswear and many other daily casual and work-wear.
As 3XDRY combines the two technologies in one textile, it offers three functions:
1.Dry on the inside:
Moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed from the inner side of the textile with 3XDRY® treatment. Perspiration is distributed over a large surface area and escapes to the outside.
2.Dry on the outside:
The 3XDRY® treatment reliably repels moisture.
3.Dry in a flash:
The distribution of the moisture over a large surface area ensures rapid evaporation. Therefore, textiles with 3XDRY® dry noticeably faster.