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Bamboo charcoal is made up of pieces of bamboo, which are taken from plants four years or older and burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800° C.This finishing product has a glossy surface and produces a crisp metallic sound when beating it.
Features of Bamboo Charcoal:
1.Releases far-infrared up to 90%: far-infrared resonance of water molecules helps the water molecules through the cell membrane, increasing oxygen content of blood, active cells, improves blood circulation and inner human body overall.
2.Good thermal insulation: bamboo charcoal Nano powder has great thermal insulation function, allowing the treated fabric warming up to 10℃ (usually fabrics are around 1-3℃).
3.Hygroscopic, anti-bacterial, deodorant: Bamboo Charcoal has a very dense carbonaceous structure; heavy and has pores and it’s mineral-rich.This makes it strong absorption and decomposition capacity against air sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene, phenol, chloroform and other organic pollutants or harmful chemicals. All in all an excellent absorption and deodorizing functions.
4.Emission rate stability, no radiation hazard: With added nano-powder, bamboo charcoal yarn is a natural ingredient, unlike other minerals of radiation hazards.
5.Washable and easy to process: processing methods are similar to ordinary polyester, therefore easy to process and apply. Functionality remains continuously even after washing effect.