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The four major features for this yarn are that it is anti-bacterial, moisture wicking system, absorbing and it has a long lasting cool feel.Talent Yarn is based on functional Nano-grade Crystal and innovative polymerization spanning technology, so the yarn has a lasting anti-bacterial deodorizing effect and it implanted 20 kinds of trace elements for high-energy giving a health effect to human body.The Nano-crystal is highly hygroscopic, coupled with the ‘flower-like’ cross-section (8-11 grooves) plus the fiber itself has permanent high moisture absorbing function, it can be applied to all types of fabric.
Talent Yarn® is a multifunctional product that has the features of anti-bacteria, cool-ness effect and is environmental friendly.It contains no chemical additives, kind to skin and will comfort consumers at all-time with dry and cool feel to user.