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Nylon is the most natural in synthetic fiber, suitable for woven or mixing, resulting superior composite fiber.As long as a fabric contains some Nylon fiber ingredients, it boosts the texture of the cloth.
1.Easy dye and color sustainability, high resistance to sunlight, water, bleach erosion, will not fade.
2.Highly resilient (nylon fabrics are heat-set)
3.Heat resistance, high melting poing and when woven with Polyester, it can be high-temperature dyed, and not brittle hard, good touch feel and flexibility.
4.Excellent to touch, thick and flexible.Lighter than other synthetic fibers hence softer touch.
5.Excellent abrasion resistance, not easy to bristle and highly functional.
Used for:
Jackets, Sportswear, Ballet cloth, Yoga wear, swimwear, underwear and various casual wear.